Riding the Rapid Bus

6 Jul

Imagine, never waiting more than 12 minutes for the bus to arrive. Imagine, getting to work as fast or faster by bus as by car. Yes, this is the beauty of the new 1R line from San Leandro to Oakland down International and then down Telegraph to Berkeley.Let me give you an example of just how great the rapid bus line is. Yesterday morning, I was already running late at 9:30 to make it to work by 10:00 a.m. and my boss calls. Her internet is down and she needs me to look up directions for her and tell her where and when all her appointments are for the day. Once I’m done with that, it was 9:45. So I run out my door and catch the bus at Telegraph and 59th at 9:48. We speed down Telegraph, hitting few lights (we have priority!) and stopping at just 4 stops. I get off at 14th and Telegraph, walk a few blocks and up 4 flights of stairs and arrive at my office at 10:03.

If you don’t ride the bus, let me just tell you that this is FAST! Back in the days of the 40 line, that same trip, with waiting and walking, would take me at least a half hour and usually more.

I know, getting this excited about buses makes me a dork, but don’t we all need a reminder that public transit can be great? Forget the gas prices. Cars just aren’t as fun as they’re made out to be. Last time I was in LA, I drove hundreds of miles (as usual) and realized that driving is a major source of stress. I was a different person than when I’m in the East Bay busing and walking. I’m not quite at the point of getting rid of my car completely, but my new bus line is pushing me in that direction…

So next time you’re thinking about hopping in your car and throwing your paycheck into your gas tank, put down those keys, pick up a good book or throw on your headphones, and hop on the rapid bus.

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