Guess I don’t know everything about public transit…

19 Aug

AC Transit has become a pretty significant part of my life. I spend several hours on buses every week, I think about public transit all the time, I talk about transit issues to anyone who will listen, and I even write about bus conversations here. So you think I’d know most of tips and tricks about riding the bus by now.

But last week, I was humbled, as a co-worker from San Francisco clued me in about NextBus.

If you ride the bus as often as I do, you’ll know that the major inconvenience is not knowing when the next bus will arrive. Printed bus schedules are more like guides than dependable schedules.

So NextBus has worked with AC Transit, Muni, and other bus agencies to install GPS tracking devices in the buses to help predict when the buses will arrive at various stops along their routes. Just visit their site, choose your route, and choose your stop, and you’ll get a message looking something like this:

Next 1R to Berkeley Bart Station vehicles in:2, 3 & 13 minutes  

Finally, no more missing the bus by 30 seconds and waiting a half hour for the next one.

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