Cerrito Speakeasy Theater: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

23 Aug

Cerrito Speakeasy Marquee

Cerrito Speakeasy Theater Marquee, photo courtesy of the Cerrito

On Tuesday, I went to the Cerrito Speakeasy Theater in El Cerrito for the first time to see The Simpsons Movie. I’m sure if I had never been to the Parkway in Oakland, I would have really enjoyed the Cerrito, but I couldn’t help comparing it to its sister theater.

The Good…

– Just like the Parkway, the Cerrito offers a large menu of beer, wine, pizza, and other yummy food. I ordered the Mediterranean appetizer. The hummus and babaganush were tasty, and the pita bread was still warm.

– It’s much cheaper than most theaters – $6 for a movie.

– There are some couches, which are fairly comfortable, at the front of the theater.

Parkway Speakeasy Interior

The Parkway Theater Interior, photo courtesy of the Parkway Speakeasy

The Bad…

– The couches are scrunched together at the front of the theater, and they’re not nearly as comfortable as the ones at the Parkway. Plus, the tables are heavy and far away from the couches, which makes for awkward reaching to grab your beer.

– The theaters are much smaller than at the Parkway, and I’ve heard they sell out on weekends so you better show up early.

– The screens are also MUCH smaller.

The Ugly…

– The guy sitting behind me laughed obnoxiously loudly, but that wasn’t the worst part. He laughed during parts of the movie when everyone else was silent, sometimes during sad moments (like when Marge leaves Homer). I know, this wasn’t the Cerrito’s fault, but it was still annoying.

– It’s in El Cerrito, which is kind of far from Oakland and just doesn’t have the same feel.

So, unless you live in El Cerrito, or the Cerrito’s playing a movie that’s not playing at the Parkway (like the Simpsons), head over to Park Boulevard, grab some beer and pizza, sink into a couch, and enjoy a movie at the Parkway.


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