Stop the Presses! Oakland Marijuana University Opens… 4 Months Ago

28 Feb

On Tuesday, the Oakland Tribune ran a front page AP article on a “new” school in downtown Oakland that teaches students about the various aspects of marijuana. OK, I understand the appeal of a story like this, but front page, for something that happened months ago and Fox News reported on in mid-January?

I guess V Smoothe is right – local reporting here is pretty pathetic if this makes front page.

Maybe the saddest part of this piece of non-news is that there really is a story here that was missed. Though the City Council attempted to destroy “Oaksterdam” years ago by only allowing 4 medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in the city and by requiring them to operate far away from each other,  Oaksterdam is making a revival. There’s the school. There’s the gift shop. There still are the dispensaries. And there’s the Patient ID Center that issues private and Alameda County IDs to qualified patients.

And while there might be a lack of local reporting in our regular papers, there will soon be, not one, not two, but three marijuana related publications being produced in Oakland (or nearby). These three publications are all offshoots of the now defunct Oaksterdam News.

No matter how hard the city tries to publicly distance itself from marijuana, it is still part of the city’s culture, neighborhoods, and business sector. Too bad the Tribune missed the real story and chose to run a fluff piece instead. I guess that’s what happens when you lay off all your local reporters and opt for AP pieces.


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