No respect for buses?

29 Feb

Maybe I was just in an ornery mood last night, but I was pretty appalled by the amount of trash on the 1R I was riding. I always expect there to be some amount of trash on the bus, but this was just ridiculous. Here’s what I could see from the middle of double bus:

  • An empty bag of Ruffles potato chips at the front of the bus,
  • An empty paper cup next to the chip bag,
  • A crumpled paper bag on the seat behind me,
  • Hundreds (really) of sunflower seed shells strewn from the back of the first half of the bus, through the middle section, and scattered over the front of the back section,
  • An empty soda bottle,
  • And, a puddle of unidentifiable bright green goo (think Mountain Dew colored) that was no longer liquid but a hardened sticky mess that the empty soda bottle was stuck to.

My first thought was, I’m glad I don’t drink Mountain Dew. But then I got kind of angry, thinking about the carelessness of the bus riders who made that mess. Especially the sunflower seed shells – it looked as if a group of people were deliberately throwing the shells, either at each other or directly onto the ground.

Once I got past my anger, I felt pretty sorry for the person who had to clean up the mess last night. Is it really too much to ask to show some respect for our buses and the people who work for AC Transit?


2 Responses to “No respect for buses?”

  1. mathew February 29, 2008 at 8:35 pm #

    yes, i ride the 1R too, and i completely agree. but what are we to do? being residents of california we are too nice to confront anyone who we see trashing the bus or the street. and probably none of the people who read this blog would ever litter anywhere. so what is our course of action?

  2. Becks March 1, 2008 at 4:44 pm #

    Well, this might be a long shot, but at Burning Man, I ride around on my bike everyday collecting trash. Often, people see me doing this and are a bit surprised, and sometimes inspired to do the same (or at least not to litter).

    I have no idea if this would work here in Oakland, but I think I might start carrying a bag with me on the bus and picking up the trash that’s not entirely disgusting. I always wash my hands after getting off the bus, so what is there to lose?

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