I <3 AC Transit bus drivers

23 Jun

I was planning to write tonight about Cody’s closing forever, but I’m getting tired of writing about depressing stuff. Luckily, earlier this evening I was inspired to write about something more positive – my love for AC Transit bus drivers.

As I was waiting for the 1R at 14th and Broadway, two cars pulled into the bus zone. As the 1 pulled up, the driver honked his horn, but neither of the cars moved. So the driver just held down his horn for 20-30 seconds, and finally the cars pulled out. I looked around and everyone waiting for the bus was smiling or laughing.

But it got even better. Both cars got stuck at the red light at 15th and after picking up a couple of bus riders, the bus driver pulled up behind them and honked again. At this point, me and the man standing next to me were cracking up and talking about how those car drivers should have just moved in the first place. It’s just so rare that bus riders get the upper hand on car drivers – it felt good.

Though I do get frustrated by bus drivers once in a while, overall, I really appreciate what they do and enjoy seeing their personalities come out. They make my life so much easier and more enjoyable, and their jobs aren’t always easy.

So next time you ride the bus, thank your bus driver. And if you see the bus driver’s frustrations come out, remember the frustrations of driving that they’re saving you from.


2 Responses to “I <3 AC Transit bus drivers”

  1. Eric June 24, 2008 at 2:05 pm #

    My favorite AC Transit moves was a bus driver using one of the double length buses to block in a motorist sitting at the stop. The motorist had to wait a good couple minutes while passengers offloaded and boarded and the traffic light completed its cycle.

    New Orleans drivers, though, are by far the most sassy. A man came on to the bus and just stopped in the stairwell to stare at his feet, thus blocking the door’s closure. After several unsuccessful shouts at the guy, the bus driver just said, “OK. Here we go!” The bus took off with the door open and the guy in the stairwell. Needless to say, the guy got out of the stairwell and off of the bus when the driver stopped a few hundred feet down the road.

  2. Kitty July 3, 2008 at 9:32 pm #

    I love to see bus drivers have good things happen. If anything, they ought to be rewarded extra good things to compensate for the amazing amounts of crud they put up with. I’d wear a shirt that says “I hella heart Oakland Bus Drivers” heh heh

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