OakPAC Endorses Rebecca Kaplan for Oakland City Council

21 Jul

So I’m a bit late on this one, but last week OakPAC endorsed Rebecca Kaplan for the the at-large city council seat. For the June election, OakPAC had endorsed Clinton Killian, who came in third so it was unclear whether they would endorse Kaplan or Hamill for November.

It’s exciting to see so many different groups endorsing Kaplan – from OakPAC, which represents the business community, to various labor unions, the Oakland community is coalescing behind Kaplan’s campaign.

Unfortunately, the election’s not until November and Kaplan wouldn’t take up the council seat until 2009, but we really could use some new energy and leadership right about now in Oakland. From our lying mayor, to the budget crisis, to the screwed up fiscal priorities of our council members, it’s clear that we’re ready for some change in elected officials and city management.

I’m glad that OakPAC agrees.

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