Off to Black Rock City, be back in a week

24 Aug

I’m on my way to Burning Man this week so I decided to steal an idea from The Overhead Wire and replay some old posts for you throughout the week. During the first half of the week, I’ll make you jealous that you’re not at Burning Man by showcasing some of the arts and culture of Black Rock City. And in the second half of the week, I’ll make you remember how lucky you are to live in Oakland by sharing some sweet little stories about Oakland life.

I think the posts will be new to most of my readers, as they were all originally written over a year ago. Enjoy!

(And if you’re off to Burning Man too, come find me! I’m not sure of my exact address but I’ll be somewhere near 5:30 and H. You can look me up at Playa Info under Becks, or under our camp name – CRE8BRC.)

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