Thoughts while waiting for the bus

12 Sep

I waited for the 1 bus at West Grand and Telegraph for a looong time Wednesday night, after the Obama fundraiser, and this is what was going through my head:

  • 20 minute headways my ass. If I had waited for the bus, it would have been a 35 minute wait (luckily I got bored after a while, called my girlfriend, and when she saw I’d still be waiting 20 more minutes, she hopped in her car and picked me up). At least BART changed their headways to 15 minutes this year – I could handle that. 35 minutes is too long to wait for a bus!
  • It’s a bit creepy in Uptown at night (unless the Art Murmur’s happening). It’s well lit at the bus stop, but there are very few people around. And Kerry Hamill looking down at me really doesn’t help. Her SAFE NEIGHBORHOODS NOW tagline just reminds me that right now, our neighborhoods aren’t safe. Thanks Kerry.
  • Surprisingly, I was under-dressed at the Obama fundraiser I just attended. And I wasn’t wearing jeans and a t-shirt – I had heels, slacks, and a sweater on! How come no one promoted this event’s dress code as suits, cocktail dresses, and stillettos?
  • For the intersection of two very busy streets in an up and coming neighborhood, this area needs help! V Smoothe wrote the other day about the need to develop the 20th Street corridor, but Grand needs work two. I really hate waiting here and staring at two gas stations and a bunch of parking lots. Maybe we should apply dto510’s suggestions for development here. I’m all for more interesting buildings, encouragement of public space, and more continuity between the downtown districts. (And V, I’d prefer the PDA of besos on the street to what we have now.)
  • I wonder if the friends I just ate with at Luka’s thought they were boring me because I kept staring past them at the beautiful Oakland tree paintings. Anyone know who the artist is?
  • Kamala Harris gave a rousing speech at the Obama fundraiser – she’s a very inspiring and articulate speaker. It made me wonder though, for a fundraiser in dowtown Oakland, could the organizers of the event not find any Oakland politicians that could inspire the crowd?
  • I love the Franklin Square Wine Bar and am shocked at how many of my friends who work in the area don’t even know it exists. If you haven’t been, go there, tonight!
  • I really need to get an iPhone so I can check NextBus before leaving the bar. Though I guess if I did this, I’d lose some of my best thinking time and this post would never have been written.

3 Responses to “Thoughts while waiting for the bus”

  1. Genie September 12, 2008 at 8:33 pm #

    I work right across the street from the wine bar and still haven’t been there (can’t say the same for Luka’s, though…omg love those burgers…), but I definitely need to check it out one night after work. Would have come to the fundraiser, actually, but for previous plans in place already.

    And yes — while the iPhone helps greatly with the whole NextBus business, it’s no remedy, regardless, when you’re standing out there in that neighborhood at night. I never feel like it’s dangerous, but the desertedness is a little creepy. OK, more than a little creepy.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though, that as the restaurants start opening at Grand and Broadway, more traffic will start picking up through that area. There are three in the works that are fairly close to opening, I think!

  2. Becks September 13, 2008 at 9:47 am #

    Genie – I actually don’t think Broadway and Grand is very creepy anymore. With Luca’s, the wine bar, and the Broadway Grand, it’s pretty happening for that area of town. Telegraph and Grand is a different story – totally deserted with now new development plans I know of. That’s why I’ve been wishing for an iPhone – I could have just grabbed another drink at Luca’s and waited inside, where it’s not creepy at all.

    And you must go to the wine bar, really. The wine and food are excellent, and it’s really nice to hang out there outside on a warm night (though I’m not sure when we’ll have one of those again).

  3. dto510 September 13, 2008 at 11:14 am #

    I was also waiting for the bus forever on Wednesday night, in Rockridge.

    Grand and Broadway will improve greatly once the new office building and two big apartment buildings fill up (and an apartment tower is under construction), but there’s definitely a lack of cohesion around there. That’s why I suggested moving the downtown boundaries up to 27th, to incorporate the Art Murmur area into Uptown.

    Franklin Square is great, especially with the warm evenings and outdoor patio. Coming soon, Bakesale Betty!

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