Catching Up

14 Sep

So one of the only benefits of being stuck at home sick for the past three days was catching up on weeks of blogs that I hadn’t caught up on since being gone for a week at Burning Man – well, that and cleaning my apartment, which really needed it.

There was a lot of great stuff written while I was gone and while I was trying to catch up, so I thought I’d share some of it. Not all of these posts are directly related to Oakland (and some of them are embarassingly old), but they’re all well worth the read:

  • My favorite series of posts the Guardian blog has ever done was “American Dreamer” covering Steven T. Jones’ trip to Burning Man and then to the DNC convention (made me wish I had done that!). You can find all the posts here, but if you’re not willing to give up that much time, check out Steven’s summary post.
  • The Burning Man Blog did an excellent job covering the art at the event. It’s worth checking out, even if just for the beautiful pictures.
  • I missed the Slow Food Nation conference while I was gone, which is a bit upsetting (seems strange that no one organizing the event thought it was a bad idea to host during Burning Man AND the DNC convention). But every other sustainable food blogger covered it. The Inadvertent Gardener has some nice pics here, Jen Maiser covered various events, and Bonnie at The Ethicurean shared her thoughts on the event.
  • In the comments section of East Bay Conservative, Mark Ross recommends Rudy Giuliani as mayor for Oakland. I think this may be the scariest mayoral suggestion I’ve heard yet. On a related note, a friend of mine who blogs from Oakland about national political issues celebrates Rudy Giuliani Day.
  • The Overhead Wire makes the case for an Amtrak station in West Oakland. I couldn’t agree more. Since I gave up my car, I travel to Sacramento much less frequently because it’s really a pain to get to Amtrak. Whether I’m home in Temescal or at work in downtown Oakland, I need to take 2 buses or take a bus and walk a long way to get to Amtrak. That’s not always feasible so I often end up getting a ride to Sac or not going at all.
  • Our state still has no budget, and though the legislature just passed Steinberg’s landmark bill to encourage smart growth, the state may make this bill ineffective by gutting transportation funding.
  • I missed both Sunday Streets in San Francisco, where the city closed off streets to all vehicular traffic. Did anybody else make it out? I agree with Raymond that we should do something like this in Oakland.

2 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. austinoak September 14, 2008 at 8:53 pm #

    Yes Yes – this would be X-actly a way to (if done best than can B conceived) feature and promote a day that only can help Oakland Business that can/always needs/wants to encourage OAKLAND FIRST $ (concept) of reminding us to spend more of our dollars $$ in our own city. That sales taxes helps towards each years operating budget – so Oakland Days where it was figured out how to make a fantastic route and PARK PEOPLE WISELY then – oh yah. That is the kind of ideas and need to be promoted and find ways to walk-the-talk. I meet so many Progressives in Oakland that I know want to be more active. Where do I sign the petition? your idea first I’d like to support it.

  2. austinoak September 14, 2008 at 9:03 pm #

    This is a great blog site. I really appreciate your efforts here to host this place. My favorite OakSPACE on the net.

    Another favorite OakSPACE i think is coming up is the Broadway Corrridor. BART or park the vehicle is not so bad though woo-wee around the soon to be re-opened Fox Theatre. Someone – please – pull these cars off the street to garages or something – it is going to be WAY to congested for me-da -pedestrian round there.

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