I <3 Awaken Cafe

7 Oct

I was having a pretty rough day today. I couldn’t sleep last night and had a million different projects to complete at work, and of course our printer broke and then our copy machine broke right as I was about to make hundreds of copies. Knowing I was about to completely freak out, I grabbed my purse and left the office, walking towards Awaken Cafe.

The walk alone did me good – though it was terribly foggy and depressing this morning, the sun had finally come out and the sunlight shone down on all the beautiful buildings on 14th Street. I walked into Awaken, ordered a chai, and looked around at the abstract paintings on the wall – not really my style, but a nice distraction.

The barista then handed me my chai:

I know, they usually create pretty designs in their drinks so this isn’t anything new or special to just me, but today it made me smile, seeing this cute little heart floating in my chai.

So thanks Awaken, for calming me down a bit on this stressful day.


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