Where to vote, early or on November 4th

28 Oct

Are you itching to vote? Can’t wait to cast your vote for Rebecca Kaplan and No on Prop 8? Well, then I have good news for you – even if you’re not an absentee voter, you can vote early at the county building. I’ve done it many times before and it’s really easy.

Here’s where to go:

Registrar of Voters Office
1225 Fallon Street (btw 12th & 13th, right next to Lake Merritt)
G-1 (go downstairs when you enter the building)
Oakland, CA 94612

They’re open from 8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday. They’re even open this weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00am-3:00pm.

If you prefer to vote at your local polling place, no need to freak out if you lost your voter guide. Google recently released this awesome map tool to find your polling place. Just type in the address where you’re registered, and it will tell you where to go. You can even get directions. Thanks Google!


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