Check out CRE8 tomorrow night

11 Nov

I just got an email about what sounds like it will be an incredible event – CRE8:

Messy Monkey Arts is hosting at Swarm Gallery this Wed. 11/12 at 7pm. It’s called CRE8 — 8 artists create 8 canvases in 8 minutes to raise money for our Arts/Health program at Peralta Elementary School. (The school was featured today in the national section of the NYT here:

CRE8  will feature DJ Peter Van Tassel and MC Dan K Harvest and is being sponsored by Artists and Craftsman Supply, Bakesale Betty, Cole Coffee, Cactus Taqueria, Kelly-Moore Paint, Lanesplitter Pizza, Barbara Llewellyn Catering, Mark’s Paint, Ruby’s Garden, Trader Joe’s, etc.

For more information and to buy tickets ($20), go here:

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it because I’m going to the Safeway community meeting. Several months ago I attended a very large community meeting on the College Safeway rebuild, hosted by Jane Brunner, but since then there have been several smaller community meetings about the project. I’ve been very distracted by the election and just finally got a chance to read the meeting minutes today.

It looks like they’re completely scrapping their initial plans, which concerns me, since I think overall they were headed in the right direction (bigger store, additional retail, hiding the parking lot, getting rid of the gas station, etc.). But several neighborhood groups are vehemently opposed to these plans, and it looks like Safeway’s listening to them.

I’m hopeful that the community and Safeway can come together to create a project that makes sense for everyone, but I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to see if I should be optimistic about that or not. If you’re more interested in planning and development than art, you should join me:

Safeway Stakeholders Working Group Meeting
Wednesday, November 12th from 7-9pm
Claremont Middle School Gym
5750 College Ave
Accessible by AC Transit Line 51 and the Rockridge BART station

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