Rockridge Home

26 Dec

rockridge-home-1I’ve been meaning to write about Rockridge Home for weeks now and I promised myself I’d at least recommend it as a place to do last minute holiday shopping, but that didn’t quite happen. So here’s the post I meant to write.

On Thanksgiving weekend I walked down College to Diesel, hoping to find a copy of the most recent edition of Oakbook. I was very disappointed to find no copies there, especially since it was the third store I had checked of stores that are supposed to carry the magazine. But as I walked out, I noticed that Rockridge Home, across the street, was having a sale – 20% off everything.

And soon I realized Rockridge Home was one of the best places in Oakland to go gift shopping. They have a little bit of everything there – art, kitchen tools, books, music, toys, and all sorts of random fun things that you really want to buy for yourself but can’t justify spending the money on. Whether your budget is $5 or $500, you’ll be able to find something that’s just right. You can feel good about spending money there, as they recently became a Certified Green Business.

I ended up walking out with a couple of journals for myself, which I desperately needed, and some holiday presents for my girlfriend – a CD of acoustic Brazilian music and the Field Guide to Cookies (she is the most incredible baker I know). But even if you walk out empty-handed, you’re bound to enjoy your experience there.

rockridge-home-3The organization of the store is set up for meandering, which is a nice way to shop if you’re not in a huge rush. And the staff is always very helpful and friendly. Plus, if you go when they’re having a sale, they always give out extra treats. The first time I went there, they were serving up delicious sangria, and this time they offered up champagne and mini-cupcakes.

I guess it’s a bit late to do holiday shopping at Rockridge Home, but next time you’re in the area, stop in. Don’t be surprised if you walk out with a gift for someone you love, or for yourself.

Rockridge Home
5418 College Avenue, Oakland
Open 11am-8pm everyday
Accessible by Rockridge BART or the 51 bus.

3 Responses to “Rockridge Home”

  1. artemis December 27, 2008 at 12:11 am #

    I love Rockridge Home too–they do beautiful complimentary gift wrapping year round, as an added bonus. One thing they carry that makes them pretty unique (we discovered!) is relatively affordable American-made furniture made using eco-friendly production (though it is shipped from the East Coast if I remember, so factor that in). You can custom order chairs, sofas, and various other pieces in a huge range fabrics. Not cheap, but competitive with everyone except maybe Ikea (certainly with Pottery Barrel!), and the only US-made stuff we’ve found in that price range.

  2. Hayden December 30, 2008 at 10:04 am #

    I used to live around the corner from Rockridge Home and have had wonderful experiences there with Jennifer (the owner) and the staff–everything from buying gifts to ordering a rug from the catalogs they have in the back. In the summer, there’s a garden section in the back with neat pots and other garden accoutrements.

    They have an excellent selection of stuff for kids, design-y stuff for home and office, interesting lighting, lots of soaps, wall art, and more. I tend to go browsing there sometimes just to see what’s new.

    Their wrapping is always first-rate, and they’ll ship items for you if you don’t want to go to the post office yourself.

  3. BMac January 7, 2009 at 2:51 pm #

    I bought the purple sofa and ottoman, as well as the beige-ish parlor chair shortly after turkey day, and what a deal?! The sale was over, but they wanted to make room for xmas stuff and I haggled my but off and got better than 50% off instead of the 20-30% during the sale.

    And they delivered it all to my house within the hour!

    I walk past the store like 4 times a week on my way to BART, and the first 8 months I lived here, I thought all they sold were DOORMATS! Ha ha. Then I went inside and they have all kinds of great stuff. I love my new stuff, same amount of seating as the old stuff, but feels like I have twice the space in my ‘urban’ sized living room.

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