Happy Inauguration Day!

20 Jan

I don’t have much more to say as I sit here waiting for Obama and Biden to be sworn in. Instead, I’ll share the message I received this morning from Rocky Fernandez, President of the California Young Democrats and AC Transit Director:

With America watching today, I hope that President Obama’s first words to our nation will be ones of hope and a call to action and service.  One of my greatest fears is that all of us who worked hard on the campaign will be content with having JUST elected a president.  In reality, we need to work even harder, and make “Yes We Can” something we apply to our work each and every day.

We need to fix our economy; fund schools and expand higher education opportunities; bring forth the clean energy economy; and make sure our generation’s quality of life is better than what our outgoing President has handed to us.  When we’ve done that, we can finally proclaim, “Yes We Did.”

I hope all of you celebrate this amazing day in our nation’s history.  Enjoy the fruits of our hard work–our nation, and our generation, have earned it.  But tomorrow we get to the real struggles in people’s lives.  And like never before, we’ll have to work to change the status quo and shape the nation we want. Fortunately, our generation is up to the challenge, and will rise to meet it, like previous generations have throughout the history of our nation.

Today is certainly a day to celebrate so don’t forget to head to Z Bar tonight for the Barack n Roll Inauguration Party. See you there!

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