Oakland focused art show at Awaken Cafe tonight

6 Feb

Most of the action in downtown Oakland tonight will be focused in Uptown – the first regular priced show at the Fox, the Art Murmur, and a free show at the Uptown. But before you head in that direction, make sure to stop by Awaken Cafe on 14th Street to check out their new art show, “Walking Oakland.” I popped in yesterday to take a look and was astounded by the beauty of the paintings by Cleo Vilett that captured the beautiful, and sometimes overshadowed, parts of Oakland life.

Here’s how Cleo describes the show:

This series was inspired from the many big and little “treats” I discovered as I walked around Oakland. Many of the views were happenstance, discoveries I found on a natural, daily path between my studio and the gym and back. The more I noticed, the more I chose to seek, and my path began to widen and radiate outward.

I was drawn to this show because of the subjects of the paintings, but Cleo’s skill and use of her mediums are what will make you want to walk off with one of these paintings. She painted this series on wood, and the contours of the wood bring depth and texture to the pieces.

As usual, there will be music to accompany the art tonight. Oakland DJs King Kooba & the Trout are bringing SLOW-GIN back to Awaken for a special set of downtempo and jazz love songs. And there will be wine, snacks, and plenty of interesting conversation to go around too.

If you can’t make it tonight, “Walking Oakland” will be at Awaken for the next month so I highly recommend stopping by. You can also preview (and buy) Cleo’s artwork at the Awaken online store.

When: Friday, February 6th, 2009 from 5pm-pm
Where: Awaken Cafe, 414 14th Street
More Info: http://awakencafe.com/one/gallery/current/index.htm


One Response to “Oakland focused art show at Awaken Cafe tonight”

  1. Gene February 6, 2009 at 4:03 pm #

    I can’t make the show tonight, so I stopped in briefly this afternoon. Very nice stuff…I especially like the ‘Uptown’ one you featured above.

    Also of note was the protest going on the other side of Broadway over by city hall. There was a CBS news truck, a guy with a PA system, someone handing out fliers, and about 3 dozen OPD in riot gear standing around looking bored.

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