Nominate your favorite Oakland businesses & artists for the Oakland Indie Awards

10 Mar

Nominations for the 3rd Annual Oakland Indie Awards recently opened. The Indie Awards are an opportunity to celebrate and honor local businesses and artists that have made Oakland a better place.

Here are the categories for this year’s awards:

oakland soul: represents the soul, the essence and the style of Oakland; this business or artist embraces diversity & creativity, has confidence in their individuality, helps their brothers & sisters, and has no pretensions

ripple effect:
supports other local businesses and artists by “shopping local” for their supplies and services, creating an economic ripple effect as money circulates within the community

newbie: an inspiring new business or artist that opened in 2007 or 2008 and is great for any reason you choose!

greenie: our environmental hero, immersed in sustainable practices, such as creating or selling new items from used materials, using energy efficient appliances, composting, reducing usage of toxic products, or reducing waste

neighborhood dynamo: improves their neighborhood by organizing people, beautifying the streets, making streets safe, finding resources, hosting events, encouraging new businesses or artists to come in, or similar activities

youth empowerment: has significantly helped Oakland’s youth through activities such as starting programs, mentoring, or giving donations of time or money

pillar: is a business or artist that has been around forever, persevering through the good and the bad, mentoring newbies, preserving our city’s history; the artist everyone loves, or the classic spot “you have to go to” when visitors come to town

innovator: is a business or artist that excites and inspires you because of a creative new idea or perspective they are sharing with the world

So think about these for a while, and make sure to submit your nominations by March 30th. If you need some ideas, check out last year’s winners. I’m looking forward to seeing your nominations, especially since I’ll be on this year’s judging panel.

And make sure to save the date for the Oakland Indie Awards – May 15th at the Crucible. (Yes, this does mean there will be fire performances, in addition to the awards ceremony, tastings, and music.)

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