Balcony garden harvest

18 Mar

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on my balcony garden, and a lot has changed since the last update. The sad news is that most of the veggies we were growing didn’t do so well this winter. The lack of direct sunlight really stunted their growth. All of them are still healthy, but tiny. So last weekend we transported the spinach, cauliflower, chard, beets, and kale to our bigger garden in Berkeley. They’ll do much better there in the direct sun and we should have a nice spring harvest.

But one experiment did succeed – potatoes. Several months ago, we halved some old potatoes that were sprouting and put them in dirt in a deep bucket. They grew very quickly and the plants were beautiful, but when I dug around a couple months back, I sadly found no potatoes. Well, yesterday my girlfriend decided to check again, and this is what she found:


And here are the potatoes with a thumb tack so you can see just how small some of them are:


Not a huge harvest but well worth the minimal effort. We plan to get a few more large buckets and plant more potatoes soon.

Previous balcony garden updates:


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