April 27-29 Oakland Political & Community Events

26 Apr

This week’s listing is a bit sparser than usual, since I was busy all weekend at the California Democratic Party convention. If you’re curious about how the convention went, I highly recommend checking out the fairly thorough coverage at Calitics. (For my perspective, check out my post at Calitics.) Tomorrow I’ll finally post a write up of last week’s BART Board meeting, and later this week I’ll share some thoughts on Gavin Newsom’s meeting with bloggers at the convention (I got him to answer Joel Young’s question on transit funding). But for now, here are the events, all of which I’ll be attending. If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments.

Monday, April 27th – Budget Town Hall

This will be the third and final of the budget town halls the City is hosting throughout Oakland to get feedback from residents on the budget and budget cuts. V Smoothe wrote some background info on the budget, and I couldn’t agree more with her take on these town halls: “Go to the town halls and go to the budget meetings and tell them what your priorities are. If you don’t, I guarantee, somebody else will, and you can take a wild guess who’s more likely to get what they want.” This town hall will be held from 6:30-8pm at Lakeside Garden Center, 666 Bellevue Avenue (off of Grand).

Tuesday, April 28th – CED Committee Hearing on the Uptown Surface Parking Lot

I know a lot of you have gotten fired up about the proposed surface parking lot in Uptown, and thanks to those who have written letters. If you can, come to the Community and Economic Development committee meeting on Tuesday, to speak about this item. The item is the first on their agenda so it should come up relatively quickly. If you’ve never spoken at a Council meeting, I recommend reading V Smoothe’s guide. Committee meetings are a bit different than the full Council though in that you do not have to turn in your speaker card before the meeting starts – you just need to turn it in before your item comes up. The meeting will be held at 2pm in Hearing Room 1 of City Hall.

Wednesday, April 29th – College Safeway Community Meeting

As V Smoothe mentioned earlier this month, Safeway is planning another community meeting this week. After some community members shot down earlier proposals, Safeway hired a new architect and will be unveiling the new drawings and renderings this Wednesday. This is likely the last community meeting that will be held before they head to the Planning Commission, so if you’d like to weigh in, this is your chance. The meeting will be held from 7-9pm at the Claremont Hotel, which is inconveniently located on Ashby just east of College. You can take the 7 or the 9 AC Transit lines there, if for some strange reason you live near one of those lines. Otherwise, Safeway encourages you to park, though they will provide free parking if you must drive.

If you’d like more background before the meeting, check out my previous posts on Safeway:

One Response to “April 27-29 Oakland Political & Community Events”

  1. david vartanoff April 30, 2009 at 10:08 am #

    so Safeway brought out big flat screens to show off a far less ugly but still WRONG design for the project. The general look of the buildings was much better to my eyes–less of the Fremont strip mall. That said, the retail spaces in the vertex of the triangle have NO off street receiving area AFAIK. Cars will still enter and exit on College @ 63rd. The building set back leaves insufficient room for sidewalk and a needed transit lane on the College face.
    This tiny segment of College is a major bottleneck both for locals and for AC Transit’s 51 route–one of their five busist trunk routes..
    I believe this projecy opens the possibility to clean up several bad design, city to city mistakes in this two block area.
    One. NO auto ingress/egress from the new Safeway project to College.
    Two push the building back to allow a full extra lane for tranist.
    Three change the diagonal parking on the west face to parallel.
    Four a deed restriction/covenant ALL employees in the complex are prohibuted from auto commuting==Safeway shall provide fratis AC and BART passes to fully cover costs. As a further employee benefit, there should be 4-5 “City Car Share” or equal cars available for the random emergency (kid sick at school etc) again gratis.
    Five, the store spaces in the triangle must be provided w/ underground receiving shippong areas so that NO delivery trucks occlude either College or Claremont.

    And on my more utopian days, a third floor of residential units.

    donning flameproof suit.

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