Party with Rebecca Kaplan & the Courage Campaign

1 May

Tomorrow night, Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan and the Courage Campaign are hosting a party to celebrate the grassroots movement for marriage equality. In case you’re unfamiliar with them, the Courage Campaign is an awesome organization that pushes for progressive change in California. I was lucky enough to meet several of their staff members last weekend at the California Democratic Party Convention, and besides being incredible activists, they’re also know how to have fun.

So RSVP and stop by on Saturday night to find out more about their work and to enjoy a night out in Uptown Oakland.

Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan, The Courage Campaign, Human Rights Campaign Fund, CREDO Mobile, and the Dolby Family

Invite you to a community reception with special guest Rev. Eric Lee, Chairman/President of the California Christian Leadership Conference and Author of “Proposition 8: The California Divide”

May 2nd 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Vibe Lounge, 2330 Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA 94612

“Marriage equality is a civil rights issue.  Anytime one group of people is denied the rights another group of people enjoy, it is fundamentally a denial of civil rights.” –  Rev Eric Lee

Join Courage Campaign and Camp Courage Bay Area staff, facilitators, participants and our significant others and friends, as we celebrate our work to build a grassroots army for marriage equality AND congratulate Rev. Eric Lee on the release of his book.  Rev. Lee will be signing his new book, Proposition 8: The California Divide at the reception.

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