Oakland’s summer fun starts this weekend

5 Jun

In my weekly events listing, I mentioned a few events happening this weekend, but there were a few I couldn’t fit and even more I heard of since writing that list. So if you’re looking to get out and enjoy Oakland this weekend, you’re in luck because there’s tuns of fun stuff happening.

Arts: Tonight is the art murmur, and it should be a great night to check out some of the more popular galleries since it’s likely to be rainy or gloomy. On warmer nights, the art murmur is sometimes a bit too crowded, which is fun, but it’s difficult to appreciate the art in that setting. If you’re too tired to make it out tonight, you can enjoy art all day on Saturday and Sunday at East Bay Open Studios throughout the East Bay. And for a preview of other art events this month, head to Oakbook.

Music: Oakland’s Damon and the Heathens will playing not one, but two shows this weekend to celebrate the release of their first album. Tonight, you can check out this horn-focused band at Eli’s Mile High Club and tomorrow you can see them at the Uptown nightclub.

Festivals: I wrote about these in detail in my weekly events listing, but just a reminder to head to West Oakland tomorrow for West Oakland’s Green Scene and come down to North Oakland on Sunday for the Temescal Street Fair.

If you can’t make it out this weekend, don’t worry, there’s plenty coming up throughout June and the rest of the summer that I’ll be writing about soon. Now if only it would heat up a bit so it will really feel like summer.

UPDATE: V Smoothe also recommends seeing Damon and the Heathens and writes about the reasons to visit downtown on Saturday night instead of Friday. And dto510 gives a few more suggestions. I guess Oakland bloggers are all fixated on having fun this weekend (either that, or we’re just too tired of writing about the depressing budget situation).

One Response to “Oakland’s summer fun starts this weekend”

  1. newoaktown June 5, 2009 at 11:05 am #

    I’ll be providing a car-free experience with my pedicab tonight for Art Murmur attendees… the penny pinchingest bunch of punky fixie-based souls, artsy old bohemians and beer drinking valley people I’ve yet met ;p

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