Save some energy to party on Friday night

17 Jun

So I know I promised a post about Uptown Unveiled, but V Smoothe beat me to it and did a great job explaining why you absolutely have to go. So now I don’t have to do that (thanks V!) and can instead tell you about an incredible event happening Friday night.

It’s nearly impossible for me to believe, but Sisterz of the Undergound (SOTU) is having its 8th anniversary party on Friday. If you’ve never heard of SOTU, it’s a collective of female hip hop artists from across the country, rooted right here in the Bay Area. SOTU was born out of what was meant to be a one time show, organized by my sister, to showcase female hip hop talent. She gathered several amazingly talented women together and put on a packed show at the Justice League. It was so successful that it grew into an artist collective and later into a non-profit that teaches all the elements of hip hop to Bay Area youth.

My sister left the Bay Area a couple years ago, but SOTU has still been going strong, and this party should as fun as their past events. Here’s a preview of their some of their breaking talent:

So check out Uptown Unveiled on Thursday, but save some energy for Friday night and cross the bay for SOTU’s 8th anniversary party. The party starts at 9pm and goes until 2am, at Club Six, 60 Sixth Street. It’s just a few blocks from Powell or Civic Center BART, and if you want to stay late, the 800 all nighter AC Transit bus will get you back to Oakland. If you RSVP via Facebook, it costs $5 before 11pm – otherwise it’s $10 all night.


One Response to “Save some energy to party on Friday night”

  1. oaklandhappenings June 18, 2009 at 2:56 am #

    I’m hoping that UU will really rock…and I don’t mean certain music bands alone! 😉 I will have to get there towards the end, but at least that way, I might beable to at least get a restaurant seat more easily (or maybe not!). First Fridays alone are not enough for this thriving area; regular events to draw extra-heavy foot traffic is important. This is particularly so, on evenings when the Fox and/or Paramount have no show going on (often the case during summer).
    Thanks for the SOTU info, but won’t beable to make it.

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