Oakland Updates: OAC, AC Transit Passes, Auto Row & BART Police

13 Jul

I did one of these a few weeks ago and it seemed to work well so I might make this a regular feature. I’d love to hear feedback on whether these brief updates are interesting to you or not.

The ongoing Oakland Airport Connector saga: (Disclosure: I was recently hired to work part time on a short term basis for TransForm on the Oakland Airport Connector campaign.) As you might have seen on TV or in the newspaper last week, Don Perata headlined a press conference last week before the MTC committee meeting decrying the Oakland Airport Connector. Advocates felt we had a really good chance at this committee hearing, but, unfortunately, the committee lost quorum after they had a long closed session and then plenty of public comment. We were pretty surprised when MTC Chair Scott Haggerty appointed other commissioners to the committee at the last moment so they could get to quorum to move the funding discussion to their full commission meeting on July 22. That meeting may be one of our last chances to alter this project so put it on your calendar now.

As I mentioned yesterday in the events listing, the Public Works Committee of the Oakland City Council will be discussing the OAC tomorrow. RSVP on Facebook to attend and speak out against this wasteful project and in favor of alternatives.

And if you’re wondering what could be done with all the money saved from building BRT instead of an overhead connector, 21st Century Urban Solutions has a great post up about using the funds to build an infill station in San Antonio, between the Lake Merritt and Fruitvale stations.

What to do with old AC Transit passes: It’s time to rummage through your stuff and find old AC Transit 10 ride and 31 day passes because they’ll only be usable through September 30th. Ride ACT has a comprehensive post about how to use these passes, but the short story is that the 31 day passes are usable as is and with the 10 ride passes, you’ll need to add $0.25 to complete your fare. Also, if you have entirely unused passes sitting around, you can go to the AC Transit office and exchange those for fare on a Translink card.

Background on the Broadway Auto Row planning porcess: Though I couldn’t make it to last week’s meeting about the Broadway Auto Row planning process, I still feel very informed because of three thorough blog posts. V Smoothe wrote a post previewing the meeting and describing existing conditions on the corridor, complete with detailed maps. City Homestead featured two posts on the subject, one covering the history of Auto Row and the other discussing possible models to follow for planning the future of Auto Row.

Voice your opinions on BART police: The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) is conducting an independent study of the BART Police Department as commissioned by BART. As part of this study, they’ve set up an online survey to solicit feedback from the community about BART police. You can take the brief survey here.

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