Karen Hester: Eat Real Bike Tours – be the first on your block or in the Bay Area:

20 Aug

This guest post was written by Karen Hester, an events organizer of street fairs and same sex weddings and a founding member of Temescal Creek Cohousing. She is an avid biker and does not own a car (or cell phone).

We Oaklanders know we have some of the best kept secrets in the Bay Area and I decided to challenge myself and share the bounty by organizing a couple of foodie bike tours for Saturday and Sunday, Aug 29th and 30th to coincide with the Eat Real Festival at Jack London Square. Details and cost at http://www.hesternet.net/events.html. Use the $10 discount if you are reading this blog!

In the last year I’ve led three cohousing bike tours to 6 of the cohousing communities in the East Bay. I enjoyed it so much that I thought it would be fun to explore some of the out-of-the-way foodie places on bike, get some exercise and meet some new folks. I sometimes enjoy walking tours but they are generally too slow for me and bus tours, well those are for the sedentary. But bike tours—just right. Especially if you are normally afraid of biking in Oakland, this is the ride for you as it’s 6 miles total along the Oakland waterfront with bike lanes and very few cars and you’ll be in the midst of a little pod. And if you don’t own a bike, you can easily rent one from Bay Area Bikes in Jack London Square where we’ll start and end the tour.

What exactly are the foodie secret places along the waterfront in Oakland? How many times have you wondered about Numi’s Teahouse with its sign off the 880 freeway? Did you know they are owned by a brother-sister team and have a warehouse and tea room in Oakland that is open to the public? We’ll be biking there plus places that are opening up just for our tour. Call us biking VIP’s. Two great finds are Linden Street Brewery and a chocolate factory that produces Vice Chocolates that you have perhaps sampled at the Temescal Street Fair. We’ll end up at the delightfully air-conditioned Irish Monkey Cellars with a glass or two of delicious wine. Along the way, the owners (or manager in the case of Numi’s Teas) will describe their specialty and answer your questions.

If this tour kicking off my new sideline East Bay Evolution Bike Tours is successful, I hope to expand to foodie tours in Emeryville and Berkeley. I figure it’s fine to consume high caloric food and drinks as long as I’m biking there to sample it.


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