Donate to the Blogoaksphere Virtual Food Drive

1 Dec

For this holiday season, V Smoothe at A Better Oakland has created a way for Oakland bloggers and the blogoaksphere community to join together to help the Alameda County Community Foodbank provide meals to those who need them. She’s set up a virtual food drive, that as of this posting has raised nearly $500 for the foodbank!

Her goal is to raise $1000 by December 20th, and I’m confident that we as a community can meet that and surpass that goal. It’s very easy – just click the button below and donate what you can. As V explains, “With the food bank’s bulk buying power, they can get a lot more food for whatever you can afford to spend than you could at the grocery store, so remember, giving money helps more than giving food.”

The blogoaksphere has joined together many times before, but usually for policy or political campaigns. Through this virtual food drive, we can join together again and make a huge difference. So please donate today and encourage others to join you in donating.

2 Responses to “Donate to the Blogoaksphere Virtual Food Drive”

  1. V Smoothe December 1, 2009 at 8:37 am #

    Thanks for promoting this, Becks! Sorry you had to use my pink button. I’m trying to finish up making other buttons that will match other blogs better, and I’ll send them out to Oakland bloggers today.

    I think I’m going to raise the goal to $2,000. We can do it, I’m sure. Oaklanders are wonderfully generous people. And we’ve collected $443 already since Friday!

    • Becks December 1, 2009 at 9:30 am #

      Yeah, I couldn’t wait for another button – I just wanted to get this out there 🙂 Also, I like pink! I think $2000 is a great goal.

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