Appreciating Art at the Oakland Airport Part 3

8 Jan

I had never intended for this to become a series, but I can’t help sharing the beautiful art on display at the Oakland Airport. It was extremely quiet and quick at the airport yesterday, so quiet that I could distinctly hear the chirping of birds while I walked from the bus to the terminal. I flew through the security line and had tons of time to kill. So I stopped and snapped some photos, and with the wonders of wi-fi at the airport and plenty of outlets, I typed most of this while waiting for my flight to LA.

The current display features handmade guitars and other string instruments. Here’s a Picasso Cubist ukulele by Peter Hurney:

The Soprano “pineapple” ukulele by Tony Graziano:

The Harmony Aero ukulele by Peter Hurney:

And this is the Nouveau guitar by Larry Robinson:

Then, there were photos of how one artist, Eric Schmidt, makes his guitars. Here’s him placing the tiles:

And the curvy interior of the guitar:

The pictures don’t really do these instruments justice, so if you’re in terminal 2 anytime soon, I recommend stopping to check out this exhibit.

2 Responses to “Appreciating Art at the Oakland Airport Part 3”

  1. jarichmond January 8, 2010 at 12:58 pm #

    I loved this exhibit!

    I was also pleasantly surprised by all the plugs the airport has these days for laptop and phone charging. I thought it was an especially nice touch that they have USB charging ports in terminal 2 now.

  2. oaklandhappenings January 8, 2010 at 2:00 pm #

    Sorry, Becks, for not telling you about this sooner.
    They have done a very good job with that exhibit. Keep in mind, that there is more of it to see in terminal 1 pre-security, if people have enough time to go over there. If flying Southwest, the best thing to do is enter [there] after seeing the featured info. Take the terminal connector, which often changes exhibits monthly, and then head through the SWA terminal (2) extension. Even better, as far as exhibits go, terminal 1-post security has a very good one on the Port of Oakland’s environmental improvements and efforts; that being, while improving the airport.

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