Mini-gardening inspiration

4 May

It seems that every time I write about gardening at least one person comments that s/he wishes s/he could garden but doesn’t have space, sunlight, time, a green thumb, or gives some other excuse like that. Now it’s of course true that some of us have an easier time gardening than others, but anyone that has a window with at least some sun and the time to water a couple of times a week can at least grow herbs or small vegetables.

And now I have proof of this.

My sister lives down in the Santa Clarita Valley, north of Los Angeles. She’s been talking about starting a garden for a few years now, ever since her family went mostly organic and their grocery costs started rising. She has two young boys and she knew they’d love to have a garden. But she’d never grown anything in her life, was a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of an entire outdoor garden, and didn’t even know where to begin to plant a few herbs.

So when I was down in LA for the California Democratic Party convention in mid-April, I went with her to a few stores (it took a while to find organic seeds) to purchase everything she needed and showed her how to plant and care for parsley and cilantro. Why those herbs? They’re probably the most forgiving herbs. They grow like crazy and if you forget to water them, they’re usually easy to revive.

A couple of weeks ago, she emailed me saying that small green sprouts had appeared, and a week ago she sent this photo:

Despite her lack of experience and her fears, the herbs are doing great, and my nephews are super-excited about it. I’m hopeful that this experience will convince her to grow more produce and that it will convince some of my readers that have been hesitating to get something in the ground (or pot) to go for it.


One Response to “Mini-gardening inspiration”

  1. ratna May 5, 2010 at 11:37 am #

    Coincidentally, I just got this mini-gardening suggestion from re-nest via my Grocery Outlet facebook friends. Grocery Outlet rules!

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