Join the Blogoaksphere Car-Free Challenge Team!

14 May

Last week, I wrote about TransForm’s Car-Free Challenge. I hope some of you have registered to take the challenge. It’s only a week-long this year and supports an incredible Oakland-based organization.

But if you haven’t, another incentive to join is to be part of the Blogoaksphere Team. Last year, several Oakland bloggers and blog readers took the challenge, but I neglected to create a team and ended up regretting it. The blogoaksphere has joined together in the past to support transit, stop parking lots from being built, and stop the wasteful and inequitable Oakland Airport Connector. So let’s join together again and see how few miles the blogoaksphere can drive.

Besides helping the environment, saving money, and bringing attention to an important issue, you’ll also have fun. TransForm is throwing a couple of parties for Car-Free Challenge participants, and offering individual and group prizes throughout the Challenge.

Don’t delay. Sign up for the Car-Free Challenge now and then join the Blogoaksphere Team.

If the registration fee is a barrier to you, you can still support the challenge and team by spreading the word to friends, coworkers, and family. And if you’re an Oakland blogger, please spread the word about the challenge and the team on your blog.

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