Open thread events listing

28 Jun

Between wedding planning, packing for our move, planning the East Bay Young Dems annual gala (which is next week and you should plan to go!), work, and everything else in life, I didn’t have time this weekend even to do a short version of the weekly events listing.

But I realized that maybe for a couple of weeks, at least until I’m fully moved, Living in the O readers could help me out. Many of you have helped me recently remember events that slipped past me so please help out by leaving comments below about events that are happening in Oakland this week.

I’ll get it started by mentioning two events I’m co-hosting on Wednesday evening (they’re close by so it’s possible to go to both). One is a re-election happy hour for Abel Guillen, Peralta Community College Board Trustee, at Arsimona from 6-8pm. The other is a summer celebration with Rebecca Kaplan, at Era from 6:30-8:30pm. I hope you’ll join me in Uptown on Wednesday to support both of these dedicated and talented elected officials.

Please share below info about other events and meetings happening this week.

One Response to “Open thread events listing”

  1. Andy K July 1, 2010 at 11:32 am #

    No fireworks in Oakland again this year. May head to Berkeley. Looks like many cities are canceling. Times are tough.

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