Coming soon… an Oakland voice on the MTC

28 Jan

I’d been hoping to write another real blog post this week, but it’s just not going to happen. In the meantime, I wanted to share the exciting news that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) voted Wednesday morning to approve a proposal that will likely lead to Oakland and San Jose representatives being added to the Commission. I tweeted the meeting, so here’s what happened:

Woo hoo! Finally got the MTC feed to load. @jeanquan was speaking but didn’t catch what she said. #oakmtg

Ugh, item on expanding MTC moved to later in agenda because not all commissioners present. #oakmtg

MTC’s executive director mentions Barbara Boxer sitting with Transpo Chair John Mica & hopes they’ll work together on transportation #oakmtg

MTC now talking about Haggerty’s proposal to add Oakland & San Jose commissioners. Report here: #oakmtg

If MTC votes in support of this today, will need to be approved by state legislature (that shouldn’t be a problem). #oakmtg

Compromise in this proposal – Alameda & Santa Clara wouldn’t be eligible for ABAG seats so couldn’t have more than 3 reps. #oakmtg

Chair Haggerty stresses the importance of 3 largest cities – Oakland, San Jose & San Francisco – having seat at MTC table.#oakmtg

Haggerty under the delusion that Jean Quan has president’s ear because she was at a state dinner! #oakmtg

Jon Rubin, SF’s MTC rep asks for a continuance of this issue so SF can study it further. Won’t support proposal today. #oakmtg

Haggerty doesn’t want to continue item but praises Rubin for his involvement in the process of creating this proposal. #oakmtg

Woo! Public speakers list sounds good – rep from San Jose mayor, rep from Jean Quan & @TransForm_Alert staffer. #oakmtg

Carli Paine of @TransForm_Alert says this is a good government issue – populations need fair representation. #oakmtg

Sharon Cornu on behalf of @jeanquan explains the importance of Oakland in region – airport, port, housing, etc. #oakmtg

MTC now arguing over Robert’s Rules about whether motion to continue constitutes substitute motion… fun stuff. #oakmtg

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates says that though commissioners come from diff places, it’s important to think about whole region. #oakmtg

Contra Costa Supervisor Federal Glover opposes proposal – says Contra Costa is growing too & needs equal representation. #oakmtg

Hah! Contra Costa rep Amy Worth says Oakland Airport Connector example of MTC coming together & respecting all localities.#oakmtg

Glover & Worth are basically just whining that Contra Costa doesn’t get a third seat too. Don’t seem to have other arguments. #oakmtg

Haggerty – this isn’t about Oakland or San Jose getting new projects. It’s about having a better discussion at MTC. #oakmtg

MTC voting on 30 day continuance of item to add Oakland & San Jose seats. Motion fails. #oakmtg

Woo hoo! MTC votes to add Oakland & San Jose seats – 9 yes – 3 no – 1 abstention. Now this goes to the Assembly. #oakmtg

Next stop is the Assembly – I’ll keep an eye on the bill and will put up an alert if letters and calls are needed. If all goes well in the Assembly and Senate, we could have an Oakland seat on the MTC starting in 2012! Thanks to Supervisor Haggerty for bringing this proposal forward and making the case for why it’s necessary.


2 Responses to “Coming soon… an Oakland voice on the MTC”

  1. dto510 January 28, 2011 at 4:26 pm #

    So, the three No voes were San Francisco’s mayoral appointment and the two Contra Costa County members? It’s very disappointing that they would begrudge Oakland fair representation on a regional board.

    • Becks January 30, 2011 at 4:32 pm #

      Yeah, it is disappointing, though not really surprising.

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