Disco Volante opens for dinner this Wednesday!

1 Feb

If you went to the blogger party a month ago, you know how awesome Disco Volante is. And if you missed the party, chances are you’ve heard about what you missed out on and wished you could drop by Disco Volante another night but couldn’t because they were only open for lunch. Well, this is your chance to finally check it out or stop back in, as Disco Volante opens for dinner this Wednesday night.

Disco Volante is in an incredibly beautiful building on the corner of 14th and Webster, and the owners have done a great job renovating it. Their vision includes more than a restaurant – several nights a week they plan to feature jazz bands and other live music. If Alt Tal, the band that played at the blogoaksphere party, is any indication of what’s to come, we should all be very excited because they were very talented and the perfect accompaniment to the night. And they’ll be playing again at Disco Volante on February 25th.

But don’t worry – the focus on atmosphere and music does not detract from the food. Everything I’ve eaten there has been delicious. I absolutely love the avocado tacos – the perfect small plate to accompany a cocktail, and Disco Volante serves up some very tasty cocktails. For the blogger party, they came up with this special menu:

I somehow managed to make it through the night without tasting a Living in the OJ, probably because I quickly got hooked on Dirty Eighth Notes. My guess is that their regular cocktail menu is not quite as entertaining but is equally delicious.

Here are some photos from the blogger party to give you a taste of Disco Volante’s style. First, a couple taken by Jimmy Kwong of the beautiful stained glass and the band from above:

And some photos taken by Genie Gratto of Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan and AC Trasit Director Elsa Ortiz, and of the bar:

For more photos of the blogger party, check out Genie’s Flickr collection.

Stop into Disco Volante soon for dinner or drinks and to enjoy some music. Starting tomorrow night they’ll be open until midnight Monday-Wednesday and until 1:30am Thursday-Saturday. Soon entertainment will be listed on their website, but until then, they update their Facebook page frequently.

I’ve known a couple of the owners for a while and am so excited about what they’ve done with this place so I’ll definitely drop in soon, and I’m sure I’ll be adding Disco Volante to my regular bar/late night restaurant rotation.

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