Sean Sullivan: Winter is Optional

17 Feb

This guest post was written by Sean Sullivan, an active Oakland resident who lives in the Clawson/Dogtown neighborhood where he is co-chair of his Neighborhood Association and represents the 3rd district on the Community Action Partnership and Community Development Block Grant board.  Sean was a director at Covenant House for over a decade and now works as an environmental health advocate.

As I look to my friends digging themselves out around the country, I marvel at how lucky I am to live in Oakland with its 60 degree weather and mostly sunshine. However for all of it’s pluses, we all know Oakland has it’s challenges.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to dig out your car, driveway and street from the snow so you can get involved in digging up some community. Our  grassroots “Getting Diggy With It” campaign has teamed up with some fine organizations to help make things greener and cleaner in Oakland.

The bulbs from our November planting at the Lakeview Library are already starting to pop up so it’s all the more incentive to get busy elsewhere. There’s also a fundraiser for the Khadafy Washington Foundation for Non-Violence that I hope you will join me in supporting. So I hope you will join me in getting involved in one of the upcoming important events changing Oakland for the better.

Saturday, February 19th 10 am
861 Mead Avenue

Mead Avenue has served as a speedway and hotspot for untoward behavior in West Oakland leaving neighbors feeling unsafe. However, neighbors and residents of Mead Avenue are turning that around.
With Produce Pro a few blocks away, neighbors are no longer forced to wade into the suspicious behavior happening at the corner store. Trees are being planted and on this day we are going to add plants and take our brooms to both sides of the street.

Can you help?

We’ve got young leaders volunteering from TOLA in a massive small pants-planting on Mead Ave and a street clean up. We could always use your hands as well.

Saturday, February 26th 10 am
Lake Merritt -Municipal Boat House

Join the Lake Merritt Dead-headers in continuing the restoration of Lake Merritt with planting and pruning.

There’s a steady crew of people that are helping keep the Lake area looking good as the promise of Measure DD comes into fruition. Whether you grab a shovel or a trowel, every hand is needed.

Thursday, March 3rd 5:30 p.m.
Scott’s Seafood Pavilion
Jack London Square

I am the board chair of the Khadafy Washington Foundation for Non-Violence that provides Help, Hope & Healing to Oakland families affected by the all too frequent homicides in our city. Please help us celebrate our 10 Anniversary by honoring Khadafy Washington’s mother, Marilyn Washington Harris, who has been there for families in their most dire hour for the last ten years.

Whether the experience of these sad occurrences are something we only see in the media or are part of the gunfire we hear in our neighborhoods, the plight of the families left behind can not be ignored.

Join California Attorney General Kamala Harris, Oakland Chief Batts and other special guests in a very affordable fundraiser at Scott’s in Jack London Square from 5:30-8:30 p.m. for just $50. Tickets are available online.

Thank you for your continued support of the good work that makes Oakland stronger.


2 Responses to “Sean Sullivan: Winter is Optional”

  1. Daniel Schulman February 17, 2011 at 9:31 am #

    The Khadafy Foundation does great work. I do not know how they can continue to provide help in such tragic situations. I would be overcome with despair.

    At the least, I can attend their fundraisers. I have already purchased my ticket for the event at Scott’s. I hope lots of other people will join me in supporting this worthwhile organization.

    • Hometown grrl February 17, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

      I would love to join you on 3/3 but have other plans. Hopefully, we can get to a point where Mr. Sullivan no longer needs to serve as Board Chair of KWF. That will be a good day.

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