Oceans and farms come to Uptown

17 Mar

The Oaksterdam mural is still in progress and looking better and better every day (I’ll post some more photos when it’s done or close to done), but a new mural caught my eye last weekend. I was on my way home from Amtrak and saw about a dozen people in the small parking lot on the east side of Broadway just north of 21st. They were playing music and painting the parking lot wall.

On Wednesday I walked by to snap some photos, and though it appears unfinished, it depicts the ocean and agriculture – kind of an odd pairing, but I’m guessing it will be tied together a bit more when it’s complete. The mural is a huge improvement over the empty grey wall that was there before.

I’m not sure who painted this mural, but I’m happy to see more and more blank walls in Uptown Oakland being transformed into murals. Along with the sun staying up later in the evening, they’re brightening the neighborhood. I’d be happy to see murals on every wall next to surface parking lots downtown.

One Response to “Oceans and farms come to Uptown”

  1. faike March 17, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

    This mural looks better than the Oaksterdam mural. More pleasing to the eye.

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