Just 2 days left to donate to the Alameda County Community Food Bank’s Frost Bite Fund

30 Mar

Earlier this month I featured a guest post by the Alameda County Community Food Bank that asked for donations to their Frost Bite Fund. As the post explained:

While the Bay Area was abuzz about the snowfall that wasn’t a few weeks ago, the fresh produce that the Alameda County Community Food Bank relies on was freezing in the fields. We were two truckloads short of food last week (that’s 80,000 pounds), and the impact of the freeze on newly planted crops will be felt well into the summer months.

frozen lettuce

We won’t see broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potatoes for a month … maybe not until summer. Other staples, like apples, corn and peppers, will cost us 60 to 70 percent more. That adds up to about $10,000 per month in additional expense for the Food Bank –- for far less fresh food.

You can help us bridge the gap by donating to the Frost Bite Fund today.

Yesterday, I received the following message that the Food Bank asked me to post:

You met the Winter Challenge!

You are part of a caring and compassionate community that met and surpassed the Winter Challenge, raising $51,126 — nearly $500 from Living in the O readers alone.

A generous donor matched every dollar contributed, bringing the grand total to more than $100,000.

With an untimely frost stopping shipments of healthy staples like broccoli and cauliflower, and increasing prices for other items, this support is even more critical for the Food Bank.

Because we’re distributing more than 10 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables a year, these rising costs add up quickly. Your support of the Winter Challenge helps the Food Bank provide nourishment — and hope — to keep our community healthy.

Thank you for rising to the Winter Challenge!

To everyone who donated – thank you! It’s great that we helped the Food Bank reach its goal.

But the month is not over yet and it’s still important to give. I have to admit that I completely forgot to give after posting this initially, but there’s no sense in feeling guilty when I can give now instead.

So whether you can give $5 or $500, please donate today. Your donation will help our community meet its most basic needs.


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