Join us for Jane’s Crawl this Saturday to celebrate the ideas of Jane Jacobs

3 May

Every year, in cities throughout the world, organizations host Jane’s Walks to honor the ideas of writer Jane Jacobs. The City of Oakland will be hosting a Jane’s Walk, as it usually does, but there’s also something a bit different going on this year. Walk Oakland Bike Oakland (WOBO) is hosting a Jane’s Crawl.

At the A Better Broadway event last month, Ruth Miller, Karen Smulevitz and I were all chatting. I had just been talking to Ron Bishop about a bicycle ride he was hosting and lamented to them that there were so many awesome events planned for bicyclists, but not so many for walking enthusiasts. I said we should have a walking pub crawl some time. And that sparked an excellent idea from Ruth Miller of WOBO – why not host a pub crawl to coincide with Jane’s Walk?

So this Saturday, we’re hosting the first Jane’s Crawl, where we’ll be walking from downtown to North Oakland, visiting some of the best bars along Telegraph to enjoy drinks, food, and discussions about Jane’s ideas.

Maybe you’re asking, who is this Jane Jacobs, and why is she so awesome that she’s inspired these urban walks. From Jane’s Walk USA:

Jane’s Walk USA honors the legacy and ideas of urban activist and writer Jane Jacobs who championed the interests of local residents and pedestrians over a car-centered approach to planning. Jane’s Walk USA helps knit people together into a strong and resourceful community, instilling belonging and encouraging civic leadership.

And from the Facebook event:

Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) is the founder of community-driven city planning.

Back when bulldozing crowded apartment buildings for freeways was the tool de rigueur of transportation planners, Jane Jacobs successfully organized against Robert Moses and the Lower Manhattan Expressway. She turned the tide on “urban renewal” by celebrating the joys of the vibrant, mixed use, and pedestrian-friendly city. If you’ve ever advocated for putting “eyes on the street”, you’re familiar with her words.

Want to learn more? Join us on Saturday, May 7th. By the looks of the RSVP list, there will be many people there who can elaborate on Jane’s great ideas.

Here’s our itinerary for the evening:

  • Dogwood Bar, 1644 Telegraph (light food) – 5 pm
  • Commonwealth Pub, 2882 Telegraph (full menu) – 6:15 pm
  • Dae Po Jib, 3936 Telegraph (full menu) – 7:30 pm
  • The Avenue, 4822 Telegraph – 8:45 pm
  • White Horse, 6651 Telegraph – 10:15 pm

You can come for the whole crawl or meet us at any of the locations. We’ll be at each place for about an hour and will take about 15 minutes to walk to the next location. For updates on where we are, you can follow Ruth and me on Twitter (@mcplanner and @oaklandbecks) or, since I’m guessing many people on the crawl will be tweeting, follow the hashtag #janescrawl.

Find more info and RSVP on Facebook.

I hope to see you on Saturday evening! And don’t forget, tonight (Tuesday) is the Council hearing on a McDonald’s redesign that is totally anathema to Jane Jacob’s ideas about urban planning. Please come speak and/or send an email to the Council.

2 Responses to “Join us for Jane’s Crawl this Saturday to celebrate the ideas of Jane Jacobs”

  1. Karen Smulevitz May 3, 2011 at 12:17 pm #

    Thanks for the handy council roster so I didn’t have to look it up, though it is rather easy to remember. I sent emails to each. One thing, Becks, you’re using your old list, JBrunner isn’t president any more!

    • Becks May 3, 2011 at 12:18 pm #

      Hah! Oops. I’ll go and correct that. At least I changed Jean to Libby though 🙂

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