May showers bring June flowers in our garden

7 Jun

Last time I checked in here about our garden I was harvesting, but out of luck, not work. I had neglected our garden for months, yet it was still somehow producing. I promised myself at the time that I would spend more time in the garden, and I’m happy to report that I’ve kept up with this promise and my work has yielded some wonderful results.

A couple of months ago my wife and I planted a new round of crops – lots of lettuce, pole beans, onions and later on four beautiful tomato plants and a pepper plant. A week or so ago, we added more lettuce and two alpine strawberry plants.

Though I’m thoroughly thrown off by rain in May and June, our plants absolutely love it. Well, all the plants except the pole beans. They were growing well and blossoming, but the rain over the past couple of weeks has beaten down the flowers. This weekend I managed to get a photo of a blossom that still looked ok, but when I checked it out yesterday, it did not look nearly this happy.

But the sad looking bean flowers are a small price to pay for the happiness of everything else in the garden. Even the tomatoes haven’t minded the rain, since it has alternated with very sunny days. All of the plants are covered with blossoms and the largest plant has a couple dozen unripe tomatoes growing on it already.

I spent a long time picking weeds in the one patch of dirt in our garden, and am still trying to figure out what to plant there (probably another round of flowers). But there are some weeds I don’t mind, like the clover filling the pepper pot and the dandelion growing with our herbs.

Speaking of weeds, though I harvested the vast majority of potatoes back in February and have done nothing to the seemingly empty bucket of dirt since then, it is again filled with potato plants. I’ll have to dig them up soon and plant another crop.

Though the whole garden is looking great, the lettuce is the clear star of the garden. It’s doing so well that it inspired us to plant some more baby lettuce. After taking this photo I harvested some of the lettuce and my wife and I ate some of it plain that evening, munching away as we talked about how delicious it was. Once the weather warms up, I have a feeling we’ll be eating a lot of salad.

We’re not the only ones enjoying the lettuce though. As you can tell from this close up, slugs have been munching away. I killed several this weekend, but we’re going to need to use the beer trick to get rid of many more.

The garden looking so great inspired me to plant even more this weekend. I chopped down some broccoli plants that were not doing well and planted some carrot, onion, and beet seeds.

Our garden might also have inspired our upstairs neighbors, who joined in on the action with some herbs, tomatoes and flowers.

Now that the rain might be done for the season, I’ll have to pay more attention to the garden, but judging by how good everything looks right now, I have a feeling it will be worth it.


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