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In Oakland

15 Sep

Posting here might be a bit erratic over the next few weeks, partly because I’m totally swamped but also because it seems that every time I intend to write about something, In Oakland has beat me to it. In Oakland is one of San Francisco Chronicle’s new local blogs, written by blogoaksphere originators V Smoothe and Jonathan Bair. The blog covers just about everything you can imagine (food, events, politics, transit, and even sports) in short form.

Yesterday, I was planning to write about the BART service cuts or the District Attorney appointment debacle, but Jonathan beat me to both stories so I felt like I was off the hook.

Don’t worry though – this is not the end of Living in the O (or other Oakland blogs). Short form blog posts are great for finding out what’s happening, but they don’t lend themselves to analysis or in depth reporting. So I may be off the hook for quick updates, but I’ll still have to write those lengthier posts.

In the meantime, check out In Oakland to find out what’s happening in our wonderful city.