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Monday Morning Distractions – Rose Parade Floats

4 Jan

Last week, when I was down in LA visiting my family, my mom took my girlfriend and I to look at the Rose Parade floats, as they were being created. It was pretty incredible and a bit overwhelming. Here’s some of what we saw:

The size of the floats was in itself astounding. This Sesame Street float was too tall to fit down parts of the parade route, so Big Bird’s head had to be flipped back.


I was also amazed by the amount of people who were working on the floats.


Cutting flowers…


And pasting flowers. And every single one of them was volunteering.


Even with so much going on, each individual flower was treated with care. Each of these roses were placed in their own little vials of water.


Roses weren’t the only material used. In fact, many of the materials used were not even flowers. This top hat is covered in seaweed, beans, and white flower petals.


And the end product was gorgeous.



But my favorite part was getting to see the area where the raw materials were stored. Tens of thousands of roses in one room – the aroma was enveloping.


Several cities created floats for the parade. Maybe one year Oakland will get in on this action? I know I’d volunteer.

Want to see more? Check out my girlfriend’s Flickr account.