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Endorsements for the June election

18 May

Though the primary election isn’t until June 8th, vote by mail started last week and plenty of people are casting their votes (or trying to figure out how to vote) so I thought it was time to post my endorsements for the June election. I’m going to breeze through the statewide initiatives and officers because there’s plenty of information out there, but feel free to ask specific questions or provide comments. And if you haven’t registered (or re-registered after moving) you still have until May 24th to do so to be able to vote on June 8th.

Statewide Ballot Initiatives

  • Prop 13 (Seismic retrofits): Yes
  • Prop 14 (Top two primary): No
  • Prop 15 (Public financing of elections): Yes
  • Prop 16 (Requiring 2/3 vote on public power): No
  • Prop 17: No

If you want more info on why to vote yes or no on any of these initiatives, check out Courage Campaign’s progressive voter guide.

Statewide Officers

The incumbents are all basically running unopposed so those were easy. As for Jerry Brown, he might as well be running unopposed. Though I’m not super-excited about his campaign or some of the things he’s been saying (like no new taxes), none of the other candidates excite me either. I’ve resigned myself to him being the nominee and he’s clearly better than Whitman or Poizner, so I might as well start supporting him now.

For the contested races, I feel strongly about all of my choices. Janice Hahn has been an effective LA City Councilmember who will bring a city-focused vision to the capitol. She’s serious about the position of LG, unlike Gavin Newsom who’s just looking for the next way to move up the ladder and publicly derided the position when he was still running for Governor. Kamala Harris has managed to bring creativity, ingenuity, and care for people to the office of the District Attorney in San Francisco and I know she will do the same for the state. The choice for Insurance Commissioner was a bit more difficult because I like both of the candidates, but I’ve been really impressed by Dave Jones during his time in the Assembly and think he’d be great in this position. Tom Torlakson has long been my choice for Superintendent, but I like him even more since hearing that when his daughter was in high school, he read every book she read so they could discuss them. That shows a real dedication to education.

Local Races

Alameda County Superior Court – Victoria Kolakowski

I’m working on Vicky’s campaign, but even if I wasn’t, I’d vote for her, just as I did in 2008 when she first ran to be judge. I feel so lucky that I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know Vicky over the past several months. I immediately knew she was dedicated and experienced, but over time I’ve learned about her level-headed temperament and compassion, which are very important qualities to me in judges. She is the only judge in the race, having served for several years as an administrative law judge, and she is the only one in the race with extensive civil law experience. Why is this important? Well, governors tend to appoint prosecutors to be judges and it’s important to have a diversity of legal experience on the bench because many cases are not criminal. Issues like divorce, family conflicts, employment issues, etc. come before the court frequently.

Vicky would also bring a different kind of diversity to the courts. In Alameda County, only 29% of the judges are women, and zero judges are openly LGBT. When Vicky wins, she will make history by becoming the first transgendered trial court judge in the entire country. There’s no way I can explain this as eloquently or powerfully as she does, but having a transgendered judge on the bench would be huge for the transgendered community. Transgendered people often struggle with the legal system, with issues ranging from changing their names to being the victims of violence so its important for this community to be represented well. Though I am not a person who votes for someone simply because of gender or sexual orientation, Vicky brings both diversity and experience so she is the clear choice. Please cast your vote for Judge Victoria Kolakowski to help make history.

UPDATE: The East Bay Express did a great and thorough profile of Vicky today that everyone should check out.

Alameda County Supervisor, District 3 – Wilma Chan

I have to admit that I’m not super excited about any of the candidates in this race. I’ve seen them all speak at several endorsement meetings. Beverly Johnson was disappointing every time, and though Harold Lowe has a lot of great energy, he spent a lot of time criticizing the current Board of Supervisors but didn’t provide concrete, realistic solutions to the problems they face. So that makes this endorsement choice somewhat easy. Wilma Chan has a clear grasp on the issues that the County is facing, and in this time of deep budget crisis, she’s the only one in the race who’s ready to jump in and deal with complex County issues.

Alameda County Board of Education – Joaquin Rivera

The County education elected representation is set up in a pretty weird way. We have an elected Superintendent and an elected Board of Education. Though I’ve been following this race, I’m still not entirely clear about the division of labor and power between the board and the superintendent. What I am clear on is that Joaquin Rivera, with his experience as an educator and his time on the Berkeley School Board, is the best choice for the board of education.

Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, Assembly District 14 – Andy Kelley, Edie Irons & Elizabeth Echols

Many people don’t even know about the existence of this office, but if you’re a registered Democrat, you get to vote for your representation on the County Democratic Central Committee. Your reps vote on local endorsements, represent the county at the statewide convention (and vote on state endorsements there), and coordinate get out the vote efforts for Democrats. This year, the Assembly District 16 race is uncontested so most Oaklanders won’t be voting for the ACDCC. But if you’re in the small part of North Oakland that’s in Assembly District 14, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for some great candidates. You can vote for up to 6 people out of the 7 candidates who are running, but I’ve chosen to only endorse three. It’s not that anything’s wrong with the others who are running – it’s mostly that I couldn’t decide who to leave off of an endorsement if I endorsed 6. So I’m sticking with the three people I know best, who I’m confident will work hard for the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates.

Andy Kelley is the secretary of East Bay Young Dems (EBYD), and as of today, a very recent graduate of UC Berkeley. The Central Committee has historically been pretty old but that’s changing, and Andy will bring great energy to the committee. Edie Irons is an incumbent and the past president of EBYD. I’ve known Edie for years, since we worked together doing fundraising for the DNC in 2004, and I’ve always been impressed by her energy, commitment, and willingness to stand up for an issue or candidate, even if her position is unpopular. Elizabeth Echols is also an incumbent and ran the Oakland United Democratic Campaign headquarters in 2008. If you phoned for Rebecca Kaplan, you know how high the energy was in that office, and much of that was because of Elizabeth’s incredible work. She’s also been a leader in fundraising for the ACDCC, the importance of which can’t be overstated. So please vote for Andy, Edie & Elizabeth if you live in the 14th AD.

There’s still an election in June – come learn about the races tonight!

29 Mar

This weekend, I went to the endorsement meeting for the National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC). I have to admit that before this meeting, I knew very little about most of the local candidates running for office in June.

Though moving the Oakland, Berkeley, and San Leandro city elections is likely to increase turnout in those races, it seems to be having the negative effect of decreasing turnout and interest in the June elections. Some people might even be under the impression that the June election has been canceled.

But the June election is still happening, and there are some very important and competitive races on the ballot. June 8th might seem far away, but now’s a great time to start learning about the candidates and races, if you haven’t already.

There’s an easy and fun way to do that, tonight, at the East Bay Young Democrats endorsement meeting. Sure, I’m a bit biased because I’m president of the club, but even before I was, I always enjoyed the EBYD endorsement meetings.

Tonight we’ll be discussing local candidates, statewide candidates, and statewide initiatives. These are the races we will consider:

Statewide Candidates: Senator, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Controller, Insurance Commissioner, and Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Statewide Initiatives: Propositions 14, 15, 16 and 17.

County Races: Alameda County Board of Supervisors District 3, Alameda County Superior Court Judge, Alameda County Board of Education, and Alameda County Democratic Central Committee.

Candidates from all of the county races have confirmed their attendance, and you might be surprised at what you’ll learn from hearing them speak and asking them questions. At the NWPC meeting, AC Transit Director Chris Peeples asked candidates for supervisor, Wilma Chan and Beverly Johnson, what they thought about the Oakland Airport Connector. Wilma Chan seemed unfamiliar with the project and dodged the question. Beverly Johnson went on and on about how great the OAC is, which she had been convinced of because BART Director Carole Ward Allen came to her in tears and told her the project was needed and would be improved. Johnson also said it was a shame that we “lost” the $70 million stimulus funds and that we didn’t know where the funds would go to. That’s an outright lie, as Johnson is a member of ACTIA and full well knows that the funds were redistributed to the regional transit agencies.

I was undecided in that race even before I heard those awful answers, but now I’m even more undecided and hopefully will figure out my position tonight.

Whether you’re an EBYD member or not, you’re welcome to attend and participate in the Q&As and discussions and to learn about these races. EBYD will be providing free food and you can grab a drink at the bar before sitting down for the meeting.

Here are the details. I hope to see you tonight!

Monday, March 29th at 6pm
6-8pm: Candidates Speeches & Q&A
8-9pm: Discussion & Voting

The Washington Inn, 495 10th Street
Downtown Oakland
RSVP on Facebook

If you can’t make it tonight, but still want to learn about the candidates, take a look at the candidate questionnaires on EBYD’s website.

Obama endorsed Wilma Chan?

30 May

Well, that’s what I thought when I first glanced at this mailer that I received last week:

I opened up my mailbox and there was Obama’s face, which I thought was incredibly weird. Once I realized it was a Chan mailer I thought, ok, this is strange, why would a presidential candidate endorse a state senator? But then I flipped it over…

As you can see, there’s a quote in very big writing, and then in small writing you see that it’s from Maya Setoro-Ng, Obama’s half sister. Look, it’s great and all that his sister endorsed Chan, but it still seems pretty disingenuous to slap a photo of our next president on the front of your mailer because of it.

It gets better though (well, worse actually). In the text of the mailer, Chan touts that she endorsed Obama early and was active on his campaign while Hancock took the “safe route” and endorsed Clinton. I’m a huge Obama supporter and I’ve grown to support Clinton less and less, but I’m not going to judge my state Senate candidate by who she endorsed for president. And I’m not going to assume that Hancock just took the safe route – I’m sure she had plenty of substantive reasons to support Clinton. Besides, I think this mailer would really piss of Clinton supporters – it’s pretty disrespectful. Is Chan just writing off those votes?

So all last week I was really annoyed about this mailer and ranted at everyone who would listen about it, and then two days ago, this came in the mail:

AAAAAAAHHHHHH! (I think I really did scream when I saw it.) If the other mailer didn’t make you think that Obama had endorsed Chan, this one certainly would. With at least 10 election mail pieces hitting a voter’s mailbox per day, who has time to actually open one up and read the fine print?

Look, I understand that Chan feels like she had to do something to counter the Hancock billboards and mailers with pictures of Rep. Barbara Lee, who actually did endorse Hancock. And I understand that few politicians are more popular in the district than Lee is, but this kind of campaigning is disingenuous. What’s more frustrating is that Chan IS endorsed by dozens and dozens of prominent leaders in the district and in the state.

I’m still undecided in this race, but these mail pieces have actually tipped me a bit towards Hancock. Has anyone felt this way about other election mailers you’ve received?